Engineering Work at Hunmanby Railway Station

Major works are sometimes need to take place on the local railway line.

In 2020 work has taken place on three Sunday's in March and April to improve the railway track between Hunmanby and Seamer. 

When trains are not running, Network Rail engineers and their contractors can conduct work repairing or replacing railway tracks and structures, like the replacement of Filey Road bridge, or installing a new culvert under the level crossing at the village station to improve train reliability.  The nations railways are far more the trains, they are huge engineering challenges. With more people travelling on the railways than at any time in their history, huge investment replacing and upgrading old infrastructure is taking place. It is an industry that offers great job opportunities, especially for young people, training up the engineers of the future.

Network Rail plan big engineering projects over long time scales, often years in advance, the actual work on the day is often dwarfed by the logistics and planning. This is to ensure that the work is completed in time for train services to resume as planned, places often with poor or no road access. The photos are from work that took place, last year (2019) at the village station. Friends of Hunmanby Railway Station helped passengers waiting for the planned replacement road transport and promoted village facilities to the contractors working on site. This included places to eat and stay. 

The site was kept tidy, despite a large workforce, with the engineering staff conducting a litter pick prior to signing off the project. Many commented how they had enjoyed their time in the local area, and would like to come back for a short break as the village is so welcoming.

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