Working to make the train service easier to access

Friends of Hunmanby Railway Station have worked hard raising concerns expressed by local rail users about the high step on and off the train on Platfrom 1. This is the platform where you get off the train coming from Scarborough, and on the train going towards Hull.

'Harrington Hump' Grant Application Form to Department for Transport, Mid Tier Funding Access for All, £20 million fund.

2 years ago, Friends of Hunmanby Railway Station was set up through Northern Rail their aim being to have a local group of volunteers looking after each station. At the meeting suggestions, were made by people to improve the village station. Each issue raised has been taken up, explored, somethings have happened, tackling anti-social behaviour, installing new road signs to point the way to the Industrial Estate and Village Centre. Others ruled out, with a valid reason given, like a new footpath to the station to improve access or a station car park. This has helped to retain the interest and support of the community. The success stories have gained useful local press coverage, which has helped to stimulate rail travel. One, still ongoing, is to finish off proving level access to the train. There are two platforms, both with level access from the road, one has a 'Harrington Hump' (going to Scarborough) one does not (going towards Hull). The 'Harrington Hump' is named after a station chosen as a trial, in rural Cumbria, where the weather conditions are harsh (on the Irish Sea) and there was a large drop from the train to the platform. The 'hump' raises a short section of the platform where the train door with the wheelchair sign on stops. This gives level access onto the raised section of platform. This is the only remaining barrier to level access at Hunmanby. Since September 2017 the issue of the extra 'Harrington Hump' has been batted around between Network Rail and Northern Rail.

Through a casual internet search in late summer 2019,  the group found out about this Department for Transport scheme, which can provide up to 100% funding, and specifically mentions 'Harrington Humps'. The Friends of Hunmanby Railway Station formally
wrote into the named officers at Network Rail and Northern Rail dealing with applications. This application is submitted by Friends of Hunmanby Railway station so that Hunmanby station is considered for one more 'Harrington Hump. 'The Department for Transport welcomes community involvement. In just four weeks supporting letters have been sent in to support the extra 'Harrington Hump' by:

Both Scarbrough Borough Councillors for Hunmanby Ward Cllr Michelle Donohue Moncrieff and Cllr Paul Riley

Our County Councillor Cllr Roberta Swiers, for Hertford & Cayton Division

Member of Parliament Kevin Hollinrake, Thirsk & Malton

North Yorkshire County Council, Executive Member for Access, Cllr Don Mackenzie

Hunmanby Parish Council

Hunmanby Doctors Surgery Patient Participation Group

Yorkshire Coast Community Rail Partnership

Scarborough Borough Councillor Alex Bailey Member of Castle ward and Representative on

Yorkshire Coast & Ryedale Disability Forum

7 individual Letters from local residents who would benefit from this suggested


Through our Member of Parliament Kevin Hollinrake, Network Rail gave support for the scheme, in effect taking on ownership and ongoing maintenance once constructed.

Hunmanby Parish Council earmarked £100 towards the scheme, Friends of Hunmanby Railway Station £150. With only a 4 week time scale to put together a funding bid, effort was put into obtaining supporting documentation. Rather than financial contribution.

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